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— by Nick Owen Nick Owen
Huh, I haven't heard that, but there's certainly nothing wrong with changing the install location. It is an option in the script. 

Are the files getting corrupted or are the users forgetting the passphrase to open the token?

On Thu, Aug 2, 2018, 6:25 PM kmaita [via WiKID Strong Authentication Forums] <[hidden email]> wrote:
Hi Guys

As part of our company, we manage approx 200 Remote at home-users (not in a domain) using the WikId Token Clients for Windows, every day.

Specifically we have installed wikidtoken-3.1.32-bundle-installer

We receive many request to reset the WikIds because they get corrupted (not working or allowing users to get into some Citrix environment). Not all users experience this problem, some of them never had requested a WikId Reset (new registration code).

One of our providers is telling us to change the installation path, which is by default: "User > AppData > Roaming" to a program files x86 folder.

Does it make sense in any way?
We know what is the purpose and rationale of the AppData\roaming folder, and we think this won't help us at all but creates a lot management overhead.

Could any body comment on this? Any related experience?

Thank you

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